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Corporate Visa

A Corporate Visa is vital for big businesses particularly for large scale projects that require certain set of skill set that may not be available in South Africa. The process is tedious and time consuming and requires consultations with the Departments of Labour; Trade and Industry as well as various labour unions. Once a Corporate Visa is approved for the specified positions has been granted, the Corporate Visa acts as a “pre-approval” mechanism to facilitate importing the required skills without going through the strict and lengthy Work Visa processes.

However, with the skill set at our disposal, you don’t have to go through all the hustle of obtaining a corporate visa. We will assist you with all document preparation, consultation with all stake holders and eventual application process with the department of Home Affairs.

We will quality assure the application, including the supporting documents and provide information on the prospect of success of the application prior to submission, which will assist in the decision making by the client before submission.

After successful issuing of the corporate visa, we will provide an after issuing service on all individual applicants including their family members at a cost which will be included in the initial quotation. Further we have reputable business partners, who will assist an extra cost with relocation and logistics of all applicants and their family members.