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Professional Services Approach

Mosiane consulting is proud of its ability to give the best service to its clients whilst contributing in the empowerment and economic growth of the Republic of South Africa. We provide legal representation in all disciplinary proceeding that involves professional conduct.

Immigration Law

We provide immigration law consulting which includes assistance with advice on the correct permit to apply, assistance with preparation of the application, submission and collection of the endorsement sticker. Further we represent applicant’s in all processes that relates to adverse decisions taken by the Dept. of Home Affairs against immigration applications into SA.

Criminal Law

We assist with providing advice on criminal matters and able to source the most suitable professional to assist in criminal cases whilst we provide quality legal assistance to the appointed legal professional.

Forensic Investigation

We assist in risk management, conducting of forensic investigation and providing quality reports which are legal process orientated and can be used in any wegation. We assist in fraud presentation process which includes drafting of disciplinary codes, training and chairing of disciplinary hearings.

Labour Law

We assist with representation in disciplinary hearing, conciliation, mediation and arbitration. Further we provide management of disciplinary process which includes drafting of disciplinary codes, training and chairing of disciplinary hearings.

Business Strategy

We are committed to providing quality, efficient, cost effective and professional service to all our clients we endeavour to constantly compete in a free and fear economic environment whilst we strive to improving on our last service provided. Our constant effort to improve at all times has ensures that we are always amongst the best service providers in the country.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We provide mediation for all disputes including labour, civil, commercial, divorce, domestic and internal disputes between parties. We are a CEDR internationally accredited mediators.